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The 2VE series fans are the ideal solution to achieve a professional ventilation plant in industrial rooms or in large work areas in order to dissipate heat and to ensure the air exchange according to the reference regulations.

Where to install
Thanks to the specific design of the support and protection frame from the atmospheric agents these ventilating units are ideally suited in rooms constructed with roofing or skylights with Industrial SHED conformation.


– robust frame support made of welded steel, for securing the fans to the windows and doors and protection from atmospheric agents through flashings in galvanized steel metal sheet.
– double axial fans in directly coupled version with high performance blades and three-phase 400V or single-phase 220V engine.
– overpressure damper with aluminium fins prevents re-entry of the external air in case of wind or when the units are turned off.

Available versions
– 2VE for industrial double shed skylights
– 1VE for singlel skylights



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