A new line of industrial air conditioners

Thanks to industrial air conditioners it is possible to design systems for temperature control, renewal, filtration, humidification, and dehumidification of air in professional contexts.

A new acquisition of the company branch of a historic Italian manufacturer of industrial air conditioners and important investments in people and equipment, allow us to add to our production program a series of special machines dedicated to industrial air conditioning plants.

In particular the new know-how allows us to develop and produce entirely customized systems that are not normally made by large manufacturers, such as:

  • Monobloc industrial air conditioners type roof-top completely independent, able to cool, filter and heat independently without the use of external chillers.
  • “Split” type industrial air conditioners composed of internal unit and external condenser, ideal for cooling and heat disposal in technical rooms.

All these systems are entirely 3D designed and manufactured at our headquarters in Borgaro Torinese.

Being also managed by probes and switchboards compatible with the dictates of Industry 4.0, as happens for the industrial suction and filtration plants, among the achievements that enjoy important economic incentives.

The our consultantsare available for any clarification and further documentation on our roof-top industrial air conditioners, split industrial air conditioners and industrial air conditioners!


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