Suction benches

The practical and robust suction plate guarantees a widespread aspiration on the bench top and front, protecting the operator's respiratory tract.

Suction benches are the ideal technical solution for all companies performing welding, polishing, sanding, buffing and grinding.
They are also recommended for aspiration during hand surface treatments, such as polishing and finishing.
The suction plate of the bench with slits captures the fumes, the heavier dusts settle in the collection drawer, while lighter particles are convenyed to the filtration system.
Side and front walls of suction benches extract fumes and the dust in order to facilitate the aspiration and prevent their dispersion into the environment. Fan and filtration systems in some models are built into the structure of the machine so that it is independent and ease to relocate.
Alternatively, our suction bench can be connected to a dust extraction system through a pipeline.
Gamma impianti offers several types of standard or customized benches in galvanised or painted versions.

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