Fumes and powder suction bench

GBA suction bench extracts fumes and dust deriving from welding, deburring, sanding and grinding operations in heavy industry and foundries.
This model doesn’t have an incorporated filter (as happens for GBV). It is designed to be connected to an extraction system which normally includes a fan along the ejection pipe.

Easy and convenient functioning

The suction bench is equipped with a support surface made of tubolar steel slats, customized so to level out payload and suction capacity on the entire work plan.
Slats are specifically sized to have a high load capacity. They are also easy to remove to facilitate maintenance or to recover any foreign object accidentally fallen.
Fumes and powders are aspired through the work plan, which is pooled in depression by the air flow towards the interior of the bench.


  • Structure made of modular panels in press-bent galvanized sheet iron bolted together. Side circular hole for exhaust air, suitable to connect discharge pipes.
    On-demand: junction to connect the bench to a centralized extraction system.
  • Support and work plan with reinforced structure and external side frames to unload weight on the floor.
  • Frontal box of top-quality galvanized steel sheet and debouncing wire mesh frontal to dampen any chips.
  • Collect drawer of press-bent galvanized sheet to collect major drosses and accidentally fallen objects.


  • without side/ frontal bulkheads, or special sized
  • covered in vernished metal sheet, colour on-demand
  • equipped with ATEX fan and engine

Other available models

GBF – aspiration bench with collect drawer and pocket filters, to be connected to an extraction system with fan.
GBV – suction bench with pocket filters and fan, ready to use, easy to connect to a pipe for external ejection, or provided with silencer to recycle filtered air in the environment.
GBC – suction bench with cartridge filters, automized compressed air cleaning and fan, to be connected to a pipe for external ejection, or provided with silencer to recycle filtered air in the environment.


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