The standard range includes flows from 5000 to 40,000 m³/h centrifugal or axial running, direct drive or transmission.

Thanks to thirty years of experience in the field of industrial ventilation and suction we have developed a range of special fans for application on production lines, equipment or professional contexts that work 24/7 requiring continuous operation without interruption of the ventilation.
Most of these centrifugal fans are designed in conformation with double fans so as to ensure continuous operation even in case of failure, with automatic intervention to rescue the second fan.
Another important feature of these special fans is the ability to provide upon request of a plant a capacity increase in case of emergency or a necessity of production.

Compared to traditional centrifugal or axial fans our systems are customised according to the mounting requirements or customer application, through supporting frames, mounts, shutters and other special adaptations.

The construction of these special fans provides for reinforced structures and all parts are made of welded steel and painted with epoxy treatment.