Thanks to twenty years of experience in this industry Gamma impianti manufactures and designs active carbon filter systems for the deodorization and the removal of solvents in many sectors

The activated carbon filters use an air purification technology by means of which the pollutant elements like SOV and VOC pass through a filtering stage that containing activated carbon.

Thanks to its porosity the activated carbon absorbs and retains inside itself most organic substances and for this reason, it is used in all industrial filters and purifiers for the removal of solvents and odours in multiple industry fields and applications such as:

  • spray painting booths
  • washing and degreasing tanks
  • Fibreglass processing
  • Printers and serigraphs
  • Waste and food sector
  • Gluing lines
  • Deodorization in sewage lifting stations
  • Mixed dust/fume filtration of pollutants (eg. welding)

In many cases the contaminant must be pre-filtered with a mechanical filtration and subsequently treated with the activated carbon filter, in order to increase its durability.
All filters are designed considering the correct air contact time with the absorbent material which shall not be less than specific values dictated by the technical standards and by precise reference standards.