Thanks to the articulated and easy to move support structure, you can extract fumes and dust very close to the source with the suction arms

The collection systems are essential for the proper operation of suction systems.

The suction arms, ducts and extraction hoods are vital components of a smoke and fumes extraction system.
The arm allows you to extract as close as possible to the work area, this allows to minimize the workers’ exposure to contaminants produced. They are produced in lengths ranging from 2 to 4 meters and are normally complete with hood with damper and handle for easy handling.

Suction ducts are designed for the extraction of gas and polluting fumes via sliding carriage positioned on the suction line designed according to customer requirements.They are produced in standard lengths from 2 -4 or 6 meters and with variable sections depending on the flow rate.

The extraction hoods are used when the working area is large or it is difficult to reach the source where the pollutant is generated with the arm.They are custom designed according to the measurements necessary to cover the work area of the press or machinery that generates the smoke, dust or fumes to be extracted.