Construction of plants and cobot stations

Collaborative robots: the evolution in the world of industrial automation

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With collaborative robots, the world of automation evolves towards systems without security fences, where humans work alongside robots. In this scenario, robots are designed to do all the hard work, allowing humans to spend valuable time on less heavy and more specialized and demanding tasks.

This world is already a reality thanks to COBOT which, if correctly integrated into existing production environments, collaborates directly with operators, becoming an essential part of the team. Capable of lifting loads of up to 35 kg, they perform tedious and repetitive tasks alongside men, thereby safeguarding their health and automating entire assembly lines at the same time.

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Thanks to important partnerships with world-class manufacturers, the Taurus division is able to propose islands and stand-alone solutions equipped with a range of high-level collaborative robots, complete with tools and accessories for perfect integration with the needs of the customer.


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