Cooling parts in production lines

Thanks to industrial air conditioners it is possible to design systems for temperature control, renewal, filtration, humidification, and dehumidification of air in professional contexts.

One of the applications that benefited most from the new line of independent industrial air conditioners, is certainly that of cooling parts inside tunnels or on belts, where the fact of being able to use industrial air conditioners monobloccompletely independent makes much easier the system part serving the temperature control.

We respond to the needs of production lines

This type of cooling system for parts within production lines is developed by us in close collaboration with the designers and manufacturers of production lines that normally require our technical office some project parameters to be respected:

  • Quantity of pieces to cool
  • Unit weight of each piece
  • Material of which it is composed
  • Initial temperature of the workpiece
  • Desired temperature at the outlet
  • Expected productivity
  • Extremely fast cooling of products

The components of cooling systemsparts

Each part cooling system is completely customized but normally consists of:

  • Independent industrial conditioner support structure
  • Industrial air conditioner monobloc execution, complete with air filtration with levels up to H14, without need of connection to an external chiller
  • Containment cabin conveyor belt, insulated for the reduction of thermal dispersion
  • Insulated ducts for cold air intake and recirculation suction
  • Special cold air intake hoods on the pieces to be heat treated
  • Electrical panel interfaced with temperature control probes and with the client’s system


Design of cooling systems for production lines

All these systems are entirely designed in 3D using CREO software that allows us to constantly share with the customer the various phases of the project exchanging files in STP format.

The cooling system is then assembled and tested at our factory in Borgaro Torinese, and then packed and shipped.

Here you can see an example of realization of an automotive cooling system.

Gamma Impianti is specialized in air treatment technologies, entrusted to our team of technicians for the design of your cooling system in the production lines!

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