Cyclones for dust suppression: high filtration efficiency

Dust abatement cyclones improve the health of the working environment, let’s find out why

The polluting particles are a damage not only for the health but also for the company productivity, since an unhealthy working environment favors the proliferation of dust, oily mists and gases, with a consequent increase in sick leave.

Cyclones for dust suppression are systems for industrial dedusting that without using mechanical filters allow to separate the contaminating particles with very high efficiency.
This system is often adopted as an initial stage in a system that requires filtration with cartridge or sleeve filters.
The operating efficiency is based on the centrifugal force that allows to separate the dust particles from the airflow to which a rotary motion has been imposed, realized thanks to the tangential entrance on the body of the cyclone itself.

The ability to treat particles with more or less fine particle size depends on the diameter of the cyclone and the abatement efficiency that can be obtained reaches up to 80% depending on the size of the dust.

When cyclones need to be used for dust suppression

Dust abatement cyclones find application in production processes that generate dust of any nature but with coarse grain size and high concentration such as:

  • wood processing (sawmills for air purification from dust from sawdust)
  • metalworking
  • processing of rubber, plastic
  • mixing, weighing and packaging of powdery materials
  • sandblasting, grinding, cutting of various kinds
  • melting of metallic materials and combustion of solid materials
  • cement industry

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