Dust abatement systems: the ATEX legislation

Dust abatement systems are important to eliminate the risk of fire, the EU stipulates this

The dust and fine particles that are released from mechanical processing can give rise to explosive atmospheres, although they come from seemingly harmless materials such as wood dust, flour, aluminum, carbon fibers and so on. For this reason, the European Union has set requirements to be met to ensure safety in the workplace, creating ATEX (Atmospheres Explosibles) legislations.

What this legislation is about?

94/9/EC and 99/92/EC have changed the approach to safety, stating that the employer must take any organizational or technical measures to prevent any risk of fire and carry out an overall assessment of the risk of explosion by considering the environments in which an explosive atmosphere may occur.

How dust abatement systems can make a difference

We speak of an “explosive atmosphere” when we have to deal with flammable substances such as gases, vapors, or dust that, in the presence of air and a trigger, can give rise to an explosion. The presence of dust abatement systems, near the source of the emission, will lead to a significant reduction in the possibility of accidents or unforeseen events at work, improving the quality of the environment and the productivity of the entire plant.

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