Filter cartridges for high pressure fume and dust suction

Thanks to the high-pressure cartridge filters, it is possible to design suction systems with a piping network with very small diameters, for the suction and filtration of fumes and dust from welding and industrial processing.

The cartridge filters for high pressure fume and dust suction have been developed by our technicians to be successfully applied in the high pressure centralized suction systems such as:

  • Central suction system with suction welding torches
  • Central suction system for surface treatment powders

In these applications, a high structural strength of the cartridge filter is typically required, as in the case of our GBH series which is designed for fume extraction with depressions up to 40,000 Pa.

In their complete suction version, the filter cartridges for fume suction are combined with a suction system, then proposed in two modules connected.

  • Circular cartridge filter GBH-F, made of strong calendered and welded sheet. The filter cartridges are made of cellulose fabric with nano fiber coating; this type of fabric has excellent resistance to different types of chemicals and has a smooth surface that allows an excellent release of dust


  • Suction module GBH-V with rotating lobe system, for maximum performance and flexibility of use, able to maintain constant pressure with varying flow rate, key feature for centralized suction systems at multiple workstations
Filtri a cartucce per aspirazione fumi e polveri ad alta pressione Milano e Torino


From the video kindly granted by the SECUREAIR® worker it is possible to appreciate the high-pressure suction of fumes welding from suction torch; this application is one of the most efficient expressions of welding fumes suction of centralized high pressure.



All these systems are entirely designed in 3D and produced at our headquarters in Borgaro Torinese. Moreover, being managed by probes and switchboards compatible with the dictates of Industry 4.0, as happens for the industrial suction and filtration plants, Among the achievements that enjoy important economic incentives.

Our consultantsare available for any clarification and further documentation on our industrial air conditioners roof-top, industrial split air conditioners and industrial air conditioners!

Gamma Impianti is specialized in air technologies in Turin and Milan, contact us if you need a customized project for the realization of:

  • Filter cartridges for fume extraction
  • Filter cartridges for high pressure dust extraction


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