Oily mist extractors for healthy environments

Clean air is one of the basic needs of the human being

Industrial workplaces are often filled with dangerous pollutants in the short and long term, which undermine the health of welders and their productivity.

How can we solve the problem?

The choice of personal protective equipment is certainly the first step to intervene but it cannot be the only one: every expert welder knows that the most correct way to control the fumes of processing is to capture them at the source. The use of oily mist extractors, therefore, becomes indispensable to improve health and work in workshops or factories, even if their function is closely linked to the catch zones, the cleaning of filters, and adequate training of operators.

Until a few years ago, oily mist extractors were almost unused, since the fumes emitted by the processes were sent outside through windows or ventilation systems, without taking into account the risks that this practice entailed:

  • fire hazard: the oil deposited in the ventilation systems could easily ignite
  • cleaning problems: micro fogs were deposited in the surrounding environment creating damage to objects and allergies to those who came into contact.

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