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Workshops and revision centres

Customer’s request

Equip the workshop of a gas extraction plant to protect the health of the mechanics and of all the workers who are in contact with motorcars, motorcycles and lorries.

In fact, it is known that the extraction gases produced by motorcars, motorcycles, lorries, buses or ground-moving means are a compound highly polluting and harmful to health, containing carbon monoxide (CO), unburned hydrocarbons (HC), nitrogen carbon monoxide and dioxide (NOx), sulphur dioxide and trioxide (SOx) and airborne particulates.

Design and manufacture

The gas extraction plant is a system that allows, thanks to an extractor and a pipe, to suck the polluting gas from the vehicle muffler terminal up to outside of the workshop.

In this case, our Technical Office has decided to use a gas extraction system with extraction duct, able to ensure the following advantages:
– once the pipe is connected to the muffler, the system follows the vehicle in motion during all revision phases;
– in the case of several working decks, it is possible to optimize the number of extraction points depending on the actual workshop workload.

This type of plant is therefore to be provided in mechanical workshops with several workstations arranged in line, and with simultaneous low extraction.

The design involved the sizing of the correct speeds of the air to be captured and crossing, with consequent calculation of the overall load losses depending on the piping path and the various plant components, all custom designed.




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