Activated carbon filters for solvent deodorization and abatement

Activated carbon filters to eliminate gaseous pollutants, odours, and SOV

Applications such as painting, washing and cleaning of chemicals or solvent-based products produce pollutants in the form of Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC or SOV) that require activated carbon filtered systems.
This technology is based on the ability of activated carbon to absorb, thanks to its porosity, most of the organic substances that are then generally extracted from steam or nitrogen.

This material is in fact called “microporous” that is, in appearance solid but under the microscope composed, in reality, by a network of cracks and pores. When a gas molecule hits its surface, an attraction process is created whereby the gas is absorbed by the smallest pores.

Today, activated carbon filters are used in many sectors for the deodorization and abatement of solvents:

  • SOV abatement in painting booths
  • washing tanks with SOV water
  • processing of fibreglass
  • printing works and serigraphs
  • waste and food industry
  • bonding lines
  • deodorization in sewer lifting stations
  • reduction of odours in general (mercaptans, solvents, etc.)
  • filtration of organic solvents, sulfur compounds, etc.
  • mixed dust/smoke pollutants (welding)

In many cases, the pollutant must be pre-filtered by mechanical filtration and then treated with the activated carbon filter, in order to increase its duration over time.

All filters are designed considering the correct time of contact of the air with the absorbent material that must not be lower than specific values dictated by technical standards and precise regulatory references.

The extraction of the coals takes place through practical and functional guillotine shutters in the lower part of the filter or through special suction lances from the upper part.

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