Air filtration systems: why are they important?

Air filtration plants: purifying the air is important especially to eliminate airborne pollutants, easily breathable by operators and harmful to our body

Many of the production and manufacturing processes involve technological cycles during which transformations or manipulations of objects and materials are carried out that release a series of polluting elements such as fumes, oily mists, dust, or exhalations.

Some examples of processes that generate airborne pollutants in the form of fumes and dust:

  • rolling
  • forging and stamping
  • extrusion drawing blanking laser cutting plasma cutting thermoforming bending / deep drawing / punching
  • welding
  • brazing
  • gluing
  • keying
  • riveting

It follows that in these environments the composition of the air changes due to some particles invisible to the human eye, with a size so infinitesimal to be measured in microns, the thousandth part of a millimeter. Their presence is imperceptible for the human being since the elements of less than 1.5 microns can pass through the “natural filter” represented by the nose and reach the first respiratory tract, which have the important function of oxygenating the blood.

Breathing polluting agents for a prolonged period of time can, therefore, cause more or less serious changes to the whole cardiovascular and blood complex, affecting the health of the worker.

The air filtration systems that our company designs and develops, allow to minimize, and within the limits provided by law, the emission of pollutants and create, as a result, a healthy and safe working environment.

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