Thanks to the cleaning with compressed air in counter-current, it is not necessary to replace the filters frequently, resulting in energy and cost savings

In suction systems and in centralised systems one of the key elements is represented by the filter unit in which the pollutants are conveyed.

The purpose of the sleeve or cartridge filters is to purify the air from fumes, dust and shavings produced by industrial processes.
For these applications Gamma impianti offers two different types of filters:

  • GFC series cartridge dust collectors
  • GFM sleeve dust collectors

Both use self-cleaning filters with compressed air in counter-current, where an intense pulse of compressed air is supplied inside the cartridges or sleeves, detaching the dust, which falls into the collection system.

The air jet can be implemented with adjustable frequency through the electronic control unit, which controls the solenoid valves.
The filtration efficiency can reach 99.9% (B.I.A. test)