Environmental monitoring in suction systems

Airtracker is an innovative device designed for the environmental monitoring in the suction systems and the consequent reduction of VLEP levels thanks to the certified starting in case of dust presence.  It can be easily installed in work and production environments such as mechanical workshops, warehouses, and buildings in general, with possible integration in new or existing extraction systems.
Thanks to its features Airtracker is able to continuously monitor the working environment and contribute in a fundamental way to counteract the chemical risk and other environmental hazards for workers because they are measured in real time concentration instantaneous dust in the air, temperature/humidity, and sound level.

In addition to measuring the values, the system is able to communicate them via Wi-Fi to safety managers so as to remotely monitor the working environment but above all it can be connected and integrated with suction or ventilation systems and many other devices becoming a perfect tool for an industry 4.0 project, as you can see from the diagram.

Sistema di monitoraggio ambientale per l'industria


Practical example of use

Installed on wall or ceiling, it carries out the environmental monitoring automatically and upon reaching the maximum set value of fine dust and fumes in the air (adjustable between 0 mg/m3 to 15 mg/m3) starts the forced ventilation of the room, opens motorized windows or the suction system shutters, thus allowing smoke and welding dust, grinding or other pollutants to be expelled outside, and then turn off the fans once the dust level has returned to the regulatory threshold, saving energy.Sensore presenza polveri officina per gestione impianti di aspirazione ventilazione industriale

How does it communicate
– A LED bar with a traffic light function indicates the current status of the respirable dust concentration in ambient air.
– Any device with Internet functionality (smartphone, tablet, PC) can be connected to the Airtracker via Wi-Fi or LAN. Using an app/web app, you can view the values of ambient temperature, air humidity, fine dust concentration, and noise level.
– The device is equipped with two digital inputs available for the connection of external components (Fire Detection and Process Control) and with 3 clean contacts that can be used for the integration of fans, filters, or similar equipment.

Sensore presenza polveri officina per gestione impianti di aspirazione ventilazione industrialeSensore presenza polveri officina per gestione impianti di aspirazione ventilazione industriale

Technical data

Functions·  Particle density measurement in ambient air

·  Measurement of air temperature and humidity in ambient air

·  Measurement of noise level

·  LED display (red, yellow, green) with high visibility

·  3 clean contacts for external connections

·  2 digital inputs

·  Display and reading measurement data on mobile phone

·  Activation and deactivation via mobile phone

·  Indication of activation (standby) through writing Airtracker backlit in blue

Wi-Fi standard2.4 GHz IEEE 802.11n
Dimensions570 mm x 250 mm x 223 mm (width x depth x height)
Weightabout 12 kg
Power supply230/110 VAC, 50/60 Hz

Measured values

Temperaturemeasuring range from -10°C to + 60°C (accuracy ± 1°C)
Air humidityfrom 10% to 80% (accuracy ± 5%)

from 80% to 95% (accuracy ± 7%)

Fine dust measurement

Particle sizefrom 0,5 µm
Densityfrom 0 mg/m3 to 15 mg/m3 (accuracy ± 0,1 mg/m3)
Noise emissions40 dB bis 110 dB (accuracy ± 5 dB)


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