Industrial air treatment systems: why are they important?

Let’s discover together why industrial air treatment is fundamental

The risks in welding works are well known, some have been eliminated or reduced with new technologies, others, however, persist and require countermeasures such as the use of personal protective equipment and industrial air treatment.

Although the literature on the subject exists and training courses are increasingly being organized, there are still no specific studies on the work presented.
What we know for sure are the effects that manifest themselves after exposure to these types of processes, which can be divided into acute, chronic, respiratory, and non – respiratory.

Acute respiratory and non respiratory effects

When the welder is exposed to high concentrations of welding fumes, fever and reduced respiratory function may occur, as well as burns, photo-dermatitis and inflammations. The symptoms are immediately apparent and are caused by a clearly unsuitable working environment. Through industrial air treatment systems, every entrepreneur can transform their production plants into safe and efficient workplaces, seeing for sure increase their productivity.

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