Industrial painting cabins: reducing environmental risk

Painting operations are delicate and involve risks: let’s see together what they are

Painting operations in the professional field are very delicate from a technical point of view for the quality of the results and for the health of the worker who performs them, since there is a real possibility of environmental pollution.

The chemical risks associated with painting mainly concern the volatile organic compounds VOC or SOV which are present in most paints and solvents.

These substances, if absorbed by the lungs, can cause immediate and even very serious side effects such as irritation, impaired judgment, headaches, blurred vision and in the most serious cases damage to the liver and central nervous system.

To reduce it as much as possible, various ventilation and filtration systems are used for the industrial painting sector, such as cabins that are normally divided into open or closed, depending on the processing needs.


Industrial painting cabins greatly reduce the risks associated with these delicate industrial operations, even if the worker, for his part, must pay the utmost attention during their performance and follow to the letter the information given in the user manuals. It will have to use personal protective equipment and follow the rules imposed by the employer and the safety officers.

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