Industry 4.0 and industrial air conditioning

By investing in a new air conditioning or industrial air treatment system, they will benefit from a new “industry 4.0 package” thanks to which they will enjoy the tax benefits provided, without having to install any new software.

In addition to industrial suction and filtration systems, few are aware that even industrial air conditioning systems are among the achievements that enjoy the incentives provided by Industry 4.0.

This is excellent news for those who need to work with processes carried out in certain thermohygrometric conditions, because these projects, usually equipped with advanced technologies and controls, require higher investment compared to normal air treatment plants, extraction or filtration of fumes and dust.

Our company differs from many years on the market precisely for the ability to design and produce independently air handling units and air conditioning units independent monoblock, systems normally at the center of any industrial air treatment plant and for this reason we gave the opportunity to our customers from the outset to make investments enjoying the incentive provided for the total cost of the plant.


The categories of plants normally most requested in Industry 4.0 are those for the industrial air conditioning of large and medium surfaces of the tertiary sector and industry, but especially for process applications such as:

  • Cooling production lines, with reference to the reduction of heat on tape of plastic, metal, or alloy components. Typically, our customer asks us to reduce the temperature of a certain thermal delta in a well-defined time frame
  • Cooling and heating of production areas such as engine test rooms, printing works or other professional contexts where the installation of UTA and water-cooling chillers would be too expensive

Industry 4.0 and plants in detail

The industrial air conditioning systems, if equipped with filtration, are in fact part of the material goods 4.0 Annex “A” of the 2017 budget law, for which the incentive of 50% is confirmed (no more 40%) of the purchase cost of the complete plant with a total value of up to € 2.5 million.

This new tax relief measure helps small and medium-sized enterprises by giving the possibility of recover part of the amount spent as tax credit to use immediately in compensation or in annual instalments.

What distinguishes our works 4.0 from the others available nationally?

Compliance of our systems with the requirements of Annex “A”:

  • Interconnection availability
  • Filtering efficiency signaling systems
  • Fault reporting systems
  • Integrability with factory system
  • Ability to alert operators
  • Ability to stop plant activities



On the right some sample screens related to the graphic visualization of the system, available on the touch panel on board, or directly from the company PC without having to install any software.


The our technical department is available for any clarification and further documentation.


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