Welding and grinding booth with extendable telescopic cover

GWC is the welding and granding booth with integrated suction and filtering system.
Thanks to its foldable structure, GWC allows to recover space in the workshop when it’s not running. Easy to move with a forklift.

cabina di aspirazione e filtrazione per molatura sbavatura saldatura con tunnel estensibile telescopicogwc_cabina_molatura_saldatura_chiusa

Even when used for operations on heavy or big pieces GWC eases the job, since it can be folded to get the working area ready with a overhead cran or a forklift.


  • Suction group completed with fan and filters, located on one side of the working area and equipped with services to start ventilation and manage lighting;
  • Extendable telescopic tunnel with steel main frame and self-extinguishing tarpaulin spreaded with PVC and metal welding/grinding certified.

Thanks to its compaction system, GWC booth can be quickly folded, no special tools are needed, for the best production and logistic flexibility.


Technical data standard model

  • lenght 3 to 8 mt (compactable in 1,2 mt);
  • width 3 or 4 mt
  • rated ventilation flow 4.000 to 10.000 m3/h;
  • power 3 to 5,5 KW;
  • filtration class F7 efficiency 85%. On-demand: absolute H13 HEPA
  • control panel with main convenience outlets (380V-16° e 240V industrial single-phase) and emergency switch;
  • interior lighting with watertight neon ceilings.


  • special sizes;
  • filter module for varnishing or sandblasting;
  • model for outdoor with rainproof roof, windproof runners and extra tensioners;
  • ATEX components.

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