Sanding suction benches: the importance of a healthy environment

The sanding consists in the manual or mechanical operation of preparation of the raw support, which will then receive the first coat of impregnation or painting product

In this type of activity, the main risk factors are:

  • Vibration or overload of the upper limbs if hand tools are used
  • Assumption of incongruous postures by the worker
  • Dust inhalation

How to ensure a healthy environment for workers

Hardwood powders but also those of composite materials such as fiberglass and carbon fiber have been classified as carcinogenic to humans by the IARC (International Agency for Research on Cancer) and other medical sources, therefore it is important to know in depth the materials that are used in the various processes and take appropriate prevention measures.

First of all, it is necessary to purchase suitable personal protective equipment, but also to provide ergonomic workstations with equipment suitable for transmitting as little vibration as possible.

Sanding suction benches are an excellent preventive solution both because they provide a comfortable and useful work surface, and because they are a valid solution to the problem of air pollution and cleaning in the working environment.

Sanding suction benches: why they are important

Ergonomically designed and manufactured in various sizes, the suction benches for sanding are work tables equipped with a suction table and, depending on their use, They can be equipped with suction back wall and articulated arm to join the aspiration of the plane a localized suction and directed on a precise area of the bench.

These products make it safe to grind, frost, polish and clean small parts that are placed on the workbench. The latter is held in depression by a suction group suitable for capturing aerodisperse dust (breathing fraction), produced during the various stages of processing, safeguarding the respiratory tract of the employees and the working environment.

Operation of suction benches

The suction plane with slits is kept in a vacuum in order to capture the pollutants: the heaviest dust end up in the collection drawer and the lighter ones in the filtration system, which can be on the bench or centralized. Extractors and filtration systems can be inserted into the bench structure or alternatively placed outside and connected through a pipeline.

The suction benches for sanding are designed to collect pollutants directly at the point of origin and to limit as much as possible their contact with the operator’s respiratory tract. They are the ideal technical solution for all companies that in their production cycle perform surface treatments by hand or with tools.

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