Suction systems from gluing or coating materials

Of fundamental importance are the suction hoods completely customized, thanks to thirty years of experience in the suction systems on the machine and the new technologies applied

The suction systems of vapors or toxic exhalations from gluing represent different critical issues to be addressed, especially in the case of collection to be carried out on board the machine and not by manual operations.

For example, the exhalations produced by machines for laminating reels, or stretched cardboard supports of various grammages coupled to reels of plastic film or light paper. The suction system in this case must capture the toxic exhalations as close as possible to the source of pollution, as required by Italian and Community regulations and for the safety of operators.

Specific issue
Manufacturers normally use for this application a one-component adhesive product that is applied at a high temperature resulting in the emission of vapors that are aerodispersi and that the suction system will have to filter with active carbon technology and then convey outside respecting the regulations for emissions into the atmosphere.

Of fundamental importance are the extractor hoods completely customized, thanks to thirty years of experience in the suction systems on the machine and the new technologies applied. Below there is an example of a hood for gluing press.
cappa di aspirazione industriale per rulli di accoppiatura bobine su macchina spalmatrice
In the case of manual application of glues or other chemical compounds, suction arms, or special hoods such as those below are used.

cappa aspirante industriale per fumi da stampaggio a caldo

Solutions and design

Localized collection always requires a careful analysis of the client’s production needs, the contemporaneity of work and the production layout, as a result of which our technical department develops the project that in this case provides for:

  • Machinery executive surveys carried out by a specialized technician, so as to have the data to tailor the suction hoods that will cover the rollers of the coil coupling in order to efficiently suck the fumes produced.
  • Dimensioning the correct air velocities both during the suction and crossing the suction channels, with a consequent calculation of the overall load losses depending on the pipe path of the filter used.
  • Selecting the type of filters, in an industrial suction and filtration plant this is a fundamental step, highly customized according to the products and processes used. In this case the activated carbon filtration is used, the only reliable technology for the correct abatement of toxic particles.
  • Choice of centrifugal fan with simple aspiration considering the total capacity of the plant and the pressure drop of the connected systems.

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