Suction walls for liquid painting

How to intervene on the chemical risk with the suction walls for painting

The suction walls for painting are dry filtration systems, which absorb the particles of overspray suspended in the air, preventing them from being breathed by operators.

Volatile organic compounds are present in numerous dyes, paints, and industrial solvents. When they are released into the air they produce pollutants that are easily breathable by the operator, which if absorbed by the lungs, can have immediate and even very serious side effects.

We are talking specifically about the SOV or COV, particularly dangerous types of pollutants that require carbon filtration systems before they can reach the breathing zone of the operator.

How to minimize the chemical health risk by using suction walls for painting

The suction walls for painting or dry painting cabins are shaped like a suction cabinet that can be easily positioned in front of the work area, resulting in great logistical and operational advantages.

Pareti aspiranti e cabine per verniciatura e polveri

They are designed for the extraction of airborne pollutants such as exhalations, fumes or dust generated by working on large surfaces.

The pollutants are sucked frontally from the cabin wall and depending on the version are conveyed to the filtration stages through the opposite vertical slats (fumes and dust) or an Andreae filter panel (liquid painting).

The aspirated air then passes through the rear mounted filters and is then conveyed to the electric fan, to be expelled to the outside.


The suction walls for painting or dry cabins are made of panels of sturdy galvanized sheet of first choice, machined with numerical control punching machine and pressed with 6-axis computerized bending machine.
All panels are fitted with silicone sealants and bolted together with high-strength bolts, self-drilling screws, rivets, threaded inserts etc. depending on the need for assembly and use.

In the inner part of the structure are contained:

  • High performance fan with backward blade impeller, built in carbon steel and painted is supplied directly coupled to the three-phase motor, with backward blade impeller carefully balanced statically and dynamically to be vibration-free, ensuring longer life for the motor ball bearings. It is normally placed in the upper part of the cabin, resting on it with a swivel fitting and support bracket, it has been designed specifically for the type of use required to ensure the flow and the adequate prevalence to support even a discharge line adequate for Mt 7/12 maximum that results from our experience being a length used in 95% of the suction systems. It is mounted on the top and discharges the air drawn horizontally, can be rotated to 360 ยบ according to the needs of use.
  • Different filtration stages, designed according to the type of work and pollutant, with final efficiencies never less than 98%.

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