Use of suction arms for the dust extraction plant

No other suction system, industrial hood or pipe, can protect workers better than suction arms, capturing volatile dust at source

The suction arms are very well known in the industrial field especially for their use for the extraction of fumes produced by processes such as welding or other activities. However, their design and construction characteristics make them an exceptional product even as they are not the fumes to be aspirated but the powders, produced for example during mixing, handling, and packaging of very volatile chemical products.

The advantages of suction arms for suction systems

In fact, no fixed hood or other suction system can effectively perform the same function as a self-supporting suction armthat has the following advantages over fixed systems:

1. Fully self-supporting, springs or pantographs shall be designed to support its weight so that it remains “suspended” in air above the desired intake point.

2. Easily repositioned and therefore only to be used when necessary, and then folded back to the wall or other position that does not interfere with the production cycle.

3. Effective fume and dust extraction at the source, guaranteed by the extractor hood complete with handle that is handled by the operator to move the suction arm.

4. Easy installation with a simple support bracket that depending on where the suction arms are installed can be a wall, a column with extension to increase the working radius as in the picture on the right.

vantaggi dei bracci aspiranti per impianti di aspirazione polveri - Gamma Impianti: tecnologie per il trattamento dell'aria


The dust sucked by the suction arms are then to be conveyed inside a circuit of pipes that are normally designed considering an air speed inside that allows the “flotation” dust in order to avoid its deposit inside the pipes.

In the image on the right, you can see a centralized installation where a series of suction arms are at the service of a chemical dust mixing plant to produce adhesive tapes, made for a major European manufacturer.

Subsequently they cannot be expelled into the atmosphere but must be filtered by systems such as automatic cleaning cartridge filters, bag filters or other dust abatement systems, to be sized according to the needs of the customer.

Bracci aspiranti per impianti di aspirazione polveri - Gamma Impianti: tecnologie dell'aria





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