Welding fume extractors and health

Why it is important to equip their factories with welding fume extractors

Over the years, the topic of safety in the workplace has become increasingly felt, thanks also to the strict international legislations that have exacerbated the penalties and reaffirmed the correlation between health and productivity.
A healthy working environment, in fact, is reflected in the quality of the work performed and leads to greater productivity in the company, combined with fewer sick leave.

What are the health risks for welders?

Welding fumes, grinding powders, and oily mists are the main components found in the production areas of the metalworking industries.
All welding processes produce pollutants that must be eliminated, to maintain a level of clean air inside the plant or factory and to prevent the occurrence of various disturbances to its employees.

How can we solve the problem?

First you need to choose the welding process that best suits your application and check that the material to be welded does not have rust, grease, paints or special protections that could give rise to pollutants.
This first intervention is important but alone it is not enough to stem the problem. Welding fume extractors are the machines you need in these cases, safe, certified and controlled, that will guarantee you clean and healthy air to ensure that the working environment is truly protected.

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