Welding suction arms: when to use them and why they are important

Suction arms for welding are fundamental in some welding work, let’s see together why they are important

The welding suction arms are the components of the suction systems that are located as close as possible to the working area: being located, they minimize workers’ exposure to pollutants.

They consist of a series of articulated pipes at the ends of which we find a catchment area that captures fumes and dust, a rotating fifth wheel and some joints that connect the various parts of the pipe. The length of the arm is variable depending on the distance from the emission point of the pollutant, in fact in case of excessive lengths it is useful to use an arm connected to a mobile purifier.

The arm is usually fixed to the wall, by means of a chair connecting to the extractor, while if the emission point is far from the walls it may be useful to use an extension flag, which allows to further lengthen the pipe.

When it is recommended to use welding suction arms

This type of system is to be used when the emission of the fluid or of the polluting gas is well localized and of contained dimensions. If you have to deal with larger catchment areas, you have to switch to different suction systems such as extractor hoods, benches or welding and grinding booths.

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