What exactly is air conditioning?

Industrial air conditioning systems: let’s discover together what exactly air conditioning is

Industrial air conditioning and refrigeration systems are based on the same principle: a fluid, usually water or air, is cooled by evaporation of another refrigerant. Nevertheless, there are substantial differences between the two regarding the components, design methods, and the commercial or industrial structures in which they are installed.

Industrial air conditioning systems are based on the control of four variables: temperature, humidity, movement and air quality, which are kept constant in order to ensure a state of well-being of people and machinery, as some mechanisms operate under limited environmental conditions.
Particular industrial processes, such as welding, produce a high amount of heat that must be disposed of.

The distinction between industrial and domestic applications, that is related to the welfare of people, is not always so clear: professional equipment, usually, they require greater control of humidity and temperature together with high standards of filtration of contaminants.

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