Cartridge filters for fumes and dust, excellent results in little occupied space

Cartridge filters have proven their absolute superiority in many fields of application

The filter units with cartridges are designed for the dry abatement of fumes, dust and slag with fine and medium particle size resulting from various types of industrial and professional processing.

The application of these filters in your company guarantees the air quality of the production environment and the protection of those who work at companies whose production process generates dust of any nature but with fine grain size and medium-low concentrations:

  • Carpentry and general mechanical working of metals, plastics, wood, rubber, and wood
  • Surface or joint treatments such as grinding, rubbing and sanding
  • Welding and Pointing
  • Thermal cutting of metals or other materials with laser/plasma/oxyfuel
  • Metal Finishing, Metal Cleaning, Deburring,
  • Sandblasting or metallizing
  • Polishing, Tool Sharpening, Turning, and Dry Milling
  • Recycling
  • Processing Polymers-Plastics
  • Powder coating
  • Nautical


The filter unit with cartridges is made of modules composed of self-supporting panels made of robust zinc-plated sheet of first choice machined with numerical control punching machine and pressed with a computerized 6-axis bending machine. All panels are lined with silicone sealants and bolted together with high strength bolts.

The main central filter module contains the real filter heart of the machine: the cartridges and the tank.
The filter cartridges are normally made of antistatic polyester filter fabric made by spunbonded process that allows no variation on air permeability allowing better filtration efficiency and high stability. The surface electrical conductivity of this type of filter fabric is obtained by applying aluminum powders creating a support that guarantees excellent porosity to the fabric. This type of treatment is the solution for all applications that require the elimination of electrical charges that are created on the powders to be filtered and then on the filter media.
The cartridges have a rubber seal with special hooks and are connected to the top cartridges with steel bolts.

Automatic cleaning takes place by backwashing compressed air with a fully automated cycle.

The system consists of one or more high efficiency storage tanks, in proven and certified steel and diaphragm valves fixed rigidly to the tanks from which draw, without practically pressure drop, the compressed air needed for the cleaning jet.
The valves are made of anodized die-cast aluminium (anodizing is an excellent protection against environmental aggressions), the screws are totally made of stainless steel and the membrane, made of special rubber, is very high mechanical strength.

The pneumatic cleaning is managed by a special 3-way solenoid valve timed with a cyclic timer, adjustable with adjustable times ( normally 60-180 seconds) that activates the pneumatic valve.
The multi voltage cyclic timer is used mounted directly on the solenoid valve coil and is fed with the chosen voltage.

Easy maintenance: on the filter body is realized an access door to the cartridges for cleaning and maintenance, consisting of a pressed panel that closes thanks to special fixing knobs that guarantee a good seal.

Natural pre-filtration with slow air flow.  At the rear of the main module, the still-room is built in which the polluted air is introduced and where, due to the design used in the construction of the plenum, the air loses speed and the dust in suspension precipitates in the lower area concentrating in the drawer/s, while the air sucked with the residual dust rises towards the extractor through the filtering sleeves that filter it.

The collection bins made of calendered galvanized sheet with hooks for fixing to the hopper, handle and seal seal.

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