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Industrial shed ventilation for heat dissipation and air exchange

Customer’s request

To reduce the internal temperature of the industrial shed and of the production area in general and to avoid overheating of the machinery both during the day and during the night shifts, where, for safety reasons, all the windows must remain closed.

Design and manufacture

After careful analysis of the thermal loads generated by the machinery and the environment, our Technical Office has decided to opt for forced ventilation of the industrial shed, an optimal solution to have cooling in summer in the industrial buildings where an air conditioning system is not provided.

Normally, for this kind of applications, it can be planned from three to fifteen air exchanges per hour depending on the machining characteristics. The expelled air is then reintegrated in a natural way from openings, grids or by a forced reintegration through other fans.

Air extraction

In this case our designers have opted for 10 exchanges/hour for a consequent overall plant capacity equal to approximately 63,000 m3/h obtained by the installation of No. 4 2VE560-SH ventilation groups, designed for a specific installation in industrial sheds with SHED roofs or skylights.


The external air will be inlet inside the room by effect of the vacuum generated by the fans, by creating a horizontal current close to the ceiling, in order to expel the hot air that naturally goes upwards.

• The inlet grids will be positioned along the wall opposite to the fans and will be coupled to motorized dampers that close when the fans are off.
• Management of the plant will be carried out by an on/off control every 4 extractors in order to fractionate the capacity to 50%.

In essence, for operation with ventilation turned on/night the operator must turn on the fans and close all windows so as to ventilate the room mechanically.


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