Welding and related risks

Industrial filters for fumes and dust and their role for the health of the worker

In the field of welding, there are numerous risks for the worker who comes into contact with toxic fumes, gases, radiation and other hazards such as heat, noise and electricity.

Therefore, numerous parameters come into play in the choice of welding technology to be adopted, such as the thickness and the type of base metal to be welded, the mechanical properties guaranteed by the joint, the speed and the welding costs.
All these parameters affect the types of fumes produced during processing and their quantity, so it is essential to rely on industrial filters for fumes and dust dedicated to be placed near the welding stations.

How to ensure a healthy environment for workers?

First of all, it is essential to carry out training courses to make welders aware of the risks associated with their work, during which to teach the correct use of personal protective equipment.
Knowledge and awareness make people more attentive and willing to apply the rules, but certainly, these are not enough. The use of industrial filters for fumes and dust is the second type of protection that must be put in place, the most important, which allows to eliminate of all the polluting elements and ensure a safe and efficient workplace.

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