Noise treatment

Industrial soundproofing, silencers, sound proofing booths and noise reduction systems

Our Technical Department thanks to the experience in the field of industrial soundproofing is able to study and offer solutions to control noise generated by extraction systems.

  • Silencers for industrial fans
  • Pumps soundproofing
  • Compressors soundproofing
  • Soundproofing air expulsion chimneys
  • Silencers for air treatment units
  • Silencers for extraction systems
  • Soundproofing engine testing room
  • Silencers for side channel blowers


The main solutions we adopt are:

  • Circular or rectangular silencers designed considering the sound spectrum of the source of noise. They consist of a metal structure containing labyrinths and cavities with sound-absorbing material coated and glass film to prevent the material removal in case of high-speed air. Silencers can be installed along the piping or chimneys for emission into the atmosphere.
  • Soundproof booths of structure and acoustic insulation panels, suitable to delimit the work area or to contain the noise, while preserving both the operator working inside the booth and the other employees in the workshop. They are designed and produced in standard size or customized dimentions and are equipped with external air intake and recycle system.

All booths are equipped with the safety equipment required by regulations: from the lighting to the emergency door exit.


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    Clean rooms

    These environments works on the principle of forced recycle of super-filtered air in sealed room.

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