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Industrial soundproofing, silencers, sound proofing booths and noise reduction systems

Our technical department thanks to the experience in the field of industrial soundproofing is able to study and offer solutions to control noise generated by the extraction systems.
The possible applications of these systems are:

  • Silencers for industrial fans
  • Soundproofing of pumps
  • Soundproofing of compressors
  • Soundproofing air expulsion chimneys
  • Silencers for ATU/air treatment units
  • Silencers for extraction systems
  • Soundproofing engine testing room
  • Silencers for side channel blowers


The main solutions adopted are:

  • Circular or rectangular silencers. They are designed considering the sound spectrum of the sources of noise from the soundproofing.They consist of a metal structure containing labyrinths and cavities with a sound-absorbing material coated with a glass film to avoid any risks of removal of the material in the presence of high air velocity.They can be installed along the piping or chimneys of emission into the atmosphere.Types of silencers: rectangular silencer, circular silencer
  • Soundproof booths. Made up of a structure and acoustic insulation panels to delimit the work area or to contain the noise of equipment while preserving both the operator who operates within and the other employees of the department.They are designed and produced in standard dimensions, or in any size on request and are equipped for external air intake, in addition to return from the filter system.

All the safety equipment, from lighting to the emergency door exit as required by regulations, complete the picture.


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