Aspiration for grinding

Grinding produces dust with smaller grain sizes, particularly harmful to health.

Grinding powder may disperse and settle down in every corner of the working area. To be effective, methods to reduce these risks need to have among their features:

  • work site containment
  • suction plan or frontal
  • wide suction surfaces

Extraction systems, suction benches, suction booths and special hoods are the most recommended tools to manage this kind of risk.

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Grinding powder and suction systems

Grinding processes expose operators and the environment they work in to fumes and dust potentially harmful because of their smaller grain size. Furthermore, grinding powder can damage machines and electronic devices within the workshop.
These problems can be solved by a properly dimensioned extraction plant. Grinding powder may disperse and settle down in every corner of the working area. For this reason, it is necessary to extract powders before they reach the operator, in order to prevent his/her and machines contamination.

Solutions: extraction systems for grinding and polishing

Grinding and polishing produce fine powder with small grain size and high volatility, besides normal metal remainings falling on the floor.
To extract harmful powder, normally operators have at heir disposal an extraction booth in front of their stations so to leverage rotational tools dynamic. But when pieces to be worked are tiny, the best solution to protect the operators is to extract fumes directly from the plan and the frontal they are working on (whatch the video, here) so to not disperse powder in the environment.
All this is possible with a suction bench for fumes and dust connected to the extraction system or independent and equipped with fan and filters.

Know applications and measure safety needs

Suitable gear for fumes capture, filtering mode and personal protections depend on the materials you need to work and on your productive layout. Hence, it is important to analyze the situation together with your safety manager.
The main goal of a centralized extraction system is to direct all pollutants in a unique industrial purifier, normally located outside the building, near to the fan and fireplace of emissions in atmosphere, so to optimize space and maintenance works.
Purifier employes a static polyester cartridge filter water- and oil- repellent specifically designed for fumes and dust from mixed metal workings, or a bag filter when a high-filtering surface is needed.

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