Activated carbons

SOV can't be filtrated mechanically, they need to be absorbed by activated carbons systems.

Industrial processes as varnishing and cleansing foresee chemical products, solvents, gluing, laser cuts and other workings producing pollutant VOCs. These can not be aspired mechanically, instead they need to be absorbed by activated carbon filters.
The core of this technology is the activated carbon, which thanks to its porosity absorbs organic matter.

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Active carbons are defined as micro-pored. In other words, they only appears to be smooth, but their surface is actually dotted with holes and pores. When a gas particle hits active carbons’ surface, an attraction process is activated, according to which gas is absorbed by pores.

Nowadays, active carbons are employed in many fields to deodorize and abate solvents:

  • SOV abatement in painting booths
  • washing tanks with SOV
  • fiberglass workings
  • printings and serigraphs
  • waste and food sectors
  • gluing lines
  • deodorization of sewage lifting stations
  • general odour reduction (mercaptans, solvents, etc.)
  • filtration of organical solvents, sulfur compounds, etc.
  • fumes and dust mixed pollutants (welding)

Air flow needs always to be mechanically pre-filtered and only later treated with active carbons, so to make carbons’ life longer.
Active carbons filters designed by Gamma impianti are sized considering contact time between air and absorbent material, which cannot be under specific thresholds dictated by laws.

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