Welding fumes extraction

Welding fumes need to be extracted from the source by suction plants or other specifically designed products.

The effective suction depends on the job to do

All risks deriving from welding fumes can be drastically reduced by employing the right extraction and filtering plant, or mobile systems.
The most effective method to manage welding fumes is to extract them straight from the source, before they have the chance to pollute the working environment.
To obtein this result, many solution are available: aspiration hoods, suction arms, customized hoods, suction torches and localized ventilation systems.

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Extraction systems for welding fumes with pinpoint suction straight from the source is the best solution to keep operators and working environment safe.
A customized design and installation of this kind normally employs articulated suction arms with extenders to enlarge their work range. Suction stations are connected between them by a network of galvanized circular pipes and with a centrifugal fan located outside the workshop.

To grant flexibility and energy saving, an inverter system with pressure reading within ducts controls the aspiration capacity of the system and the power used by the fan.

Research & Development

Customized design of a centralized extraction system with pinpoint uptake involves an analysis of plant’s productive needs and layout. Afterwards, our Technical Department develops the extraction system project, consisting in:

  • Sizing of the correct air speed both during capture of fumes and crossing the extraction channels with the consequent calculation of the total pressure losses, depending on the piping path used.
  • Selection of the extraction arm and its related extender, so as to ease the welder’s work and, at the same time, capture fumes as close as possible to their source.
  • Using different types of extraction hoods on the articulated arms, depending on the work to carry out and therefore on the capacity needs.
  • Selection of the fixing points of piping and arms in the production room, with subsequent development of customized brackets.
  • Selection of the simple extraction centrifugal fan by considering the overall plant capacity and the load losses of the systems connected to it.
  • Design of the general electrical panel board for plant control, including automatic adjustment of fan revolutions with inverter system, that changes the work capacity real time depending on the actual number of workstations used, for the maximum of energy saving.

Industry 4.0 tax credit

Our welding fumes extraction system are designed and built with technology 4.0, so to benefit of 50% tax credit along the entire 2021.

Legal references

D.lgs. n. 81, 2008 “Health and safety protection at work” replacing previous D.P.R. n. 303/56 “General norms for hygiene on work”, D.P.R. n. 547/55 “Prevention of accidents on work”  and Legislative Decree n. 626/94 “CEE guidelines about safety and health improvement in the workplace”.

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