Suction cabin for sanding powder

Suction cabin WFD for sanding or grinding powder is the ideal solution to extract and filter powder from surface treatments as sanding, grinding, smoothing, etc.

How the cabin works

Our cabins are designed to capture large amounts of powder. Thanks to a special suction front made of opposing vertical slats, WFD creates a labirynth through which bigger particles fell into specific drawers.
Air passes through cartridges on the back, which filter up to 99% of residual dust, then it goes up towards the electrofan and it is finally exhausted from the drain pipe.


Suction cabin is made of top-quality galvanized sheet iron, worked with numerically controlled punching machine and pressformed by a 6-axis computerized bender. Each panel is trimmed with silicon sealants and bolted together with high-tensile bolts.
The filtering section consists in cartridge filters of antistatic polyester located on the back of the cabin. Cartridges have rubber seals and special hooks to connect them to the bench through steel bolts. Cartridge removal is easy and takes place in the frontal part, once the slats are dismantled.

Cartridge filters’ self-cleaning system applies compressed air backwash technique and it is totally automated. It consists in steel tested tank and diaphragm valves, which draw the air needed from the tank with no loss of load. Valves are anodized die-cast aluminium made (to be protected against environmental damages), screws are all of stainless steel and the membrane, of special rubberized canvas, is at very high mechanical resistance.


Technical data standard model

  • lenght 2 to 6 mt;
  • flow rate 8.000 to 20.000 m3/h;
  • fan 4 to 11 KW;
  • filtering surface 120 to 320 m2 with cellulose/polyester/antistatic polyester cartridge;
  • compressed air backwash self-clening.


  • Electric panel to control extraction;
  • Differential pressure switch to check filter cloggin;
  • Ceiling lights, side and roof extenders;
  • Exhaust connection.


  • Structure of varnished or stainless steel.

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