Extraction and intake of air in industrial paint booth

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Design and implementation of plants for extraction and intake of air in industrial paint booth during the production of metal sheets.

Special Notes

The engineering phase took into consideration that all components of the plants would have been shipped abroad and assembled in loco. For this reason, our Technical Office designed carefully each individual component.


Sizing of the exact speeds of air flow in extraction and discharge ducts, with consequent calculation of the overall load losses depending on the path of the tubes and other components of the plant, all custom designed.

Extraction and suction phases of coating foresees some air return ducts whitin the rectangular section machine shoulders made of welded 20/10 galvanized metal sheet with: flanged joints, perforated metal sheet intake grilles, and side plenums with hoses connecting to the onboard extraction hoods. Motorized REI120 fire damper and vane valves are planned.

A simple extraction centrifugal fan has been selected taken into consideration the overall plant capacity and the load losses of the connected systems.

The intake phase of a paint booth foresees fresh air treatment through a UTA capable of about 50,000 m3/h. The entire canalization of output, from air treatment unit to air diffusion plenum within the booth, are formed by 21 mm sandwich panels covered on both sides with embossed aluminium and inner side in high density foam.
Motorized REI120 fire dampers are planned, together with opposed fins dampers calibration.

Once the air is filtered and treated, it is inlet in the room through horizontal manifolds air diffusion, equipped with flat filter cells specifically designed for this application, resistant to high-speed and medium pressure.



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