Widespread emissions from presses and molds, custom-made suction systems

Unlike localized emissions produced for example by welding or grinding operations at specific points, those of presses and molds are very difficult to capture before they are emitted in the environment

Pollutants in the form of widespread emissions from presses and molds (such as during hot processing of plastics and rubber) develop mainly as fumes due to the combustion of the material at high temperature in contact with the surrounding air, the harmfulness of which depends on the nature of the materials used.

Unlike localized emissions produced for example by welding or grinding operations at specific points, those of presses and molds are very difficult to capture before they are emitted into the environment because it is not possible to proceed with a close collection system.

For this reason, the exhaust suction systems from presses and molds are in fact tailor-made solutions, normally composed of hoods and infill panels that must not interfere with production and maintenance.

Typical composition of a system for suction fumes from presses and molds

The typical components of a system for the reduction of the diffused emissions from presses and molds is normally composed of:

  • Exhalations hoods and containment panels, complete with inspection doors and PVC side strips to minimize environmental air currents and increase the efficiency of collection
  • Network of pipes with circular section in galvanized steel of suitable section for the connection of the hoods to the extractor
  • Pneumatic guillotine dampers designed for the sectioning of the various press areas, so as to convey the maximum suction at the right points at the right time
  • Centrifugal fan with simple medium pressure suction directly coupled, installed on a painted carpentry platform
  • Extrusion chimney in galvanized steel atmosphere with circular section
Emissioni diffuse da presse e stampi, gli impianti di aspirazione su misura

3D design of on-board machine systems

The suction system for the reduction of chemical risk from emissions spread by presses and molds have made it possible to address the design phase in a rapid and innovative way, confronting from the outset with the dimensions and geometries of the press or production line to be used with the suction system.

Every single project step is shared between commissioner and client through the exchange of step files (.STP) eliminating distances, inspections and drastically reducing time and errors.

The technical department of Gamma Impianti thanks to the use of a specific parametric software is specialized in 3D design techniques.
These software ensure maximum precision; for this reason, our machines are shipped all over the world with the safety of not having to add any component on-site.

Progettazione 3D impianti di aspirazione per la riduzione del rischio chimico da emissioni



Industry 4.0

The suction systems at the service of presses and molds if equipped with filtration are compliant with industry 4.0 thanks to a kit that includes:

  • automatic control of the fan revolutions with an inverter, in order to reduce the energy absorption in case the system is poorly used
  • control of the degree of clogging filters with real-time reporting of the different thresholds and alarms sent via email to the maintenance service
  • remote and optimized management of integrated systems, with warning of any anomalies
  • control and signaling anomalies or threshold levels of any sensors accompanying the suction system, such as tribometric probes, roto-valves, exhaust augers, or fire sensors.

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