Extraction system for emissions from coils coupler and spreader

Customer request

The customer is looking for an industrial extraction system to catch emissions from coils workings. The system needs to catch fumes as close as possible to the source, as required by the law.


For this job, our client uses a one-component adhesive product applied at high temperature, with consequent steams emission. Those discharge needs to be filtered and conveyed out of the building.


A customized design of a centralized extraction system with pinpoint uptake involves an analysis of plant’s productive needs and layout. Afterwards, our technical department develops the project, in this case it consists in:

  • Technical evaluation of the machine, so to customize extraction hoods. Those need to be big enough to cover coils laminating rollers for an adequate suction.
  • Air flow speed measurement, both during extraction and pipe-crossing, with consequent sizing of total load losses according to the filters’ path of pipes.
  • Selection of the right filter, highly customized according on products employed and manufacturings.
  • Selection of the centrifugal fan with simple inlet, taking into account the system overall capacity and load losses of all other systems connected to it.

Associate systems

Clean rooms

These environments works on the principle of forced recycle of super-filtered air in sealed room.

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