Air purifier for smokes and steams from annealing furnace

Environmental problem

Draining and annealing furnaces employed in goldsmith workshops produce smokes and fumes coming out from the top of the furnace, where there is an opening to allow their evacuation.
Normally, goldsmith workshops are not big enough to host complex plants with pipes ejecting air outside.


Mobile air purifier MFU16 was designed by Gamma impianti to vacuum and filter fumes, steams and microdusts due to annealing processes in goldworking, mechanical production processes and precious metal working. Fumes and steams are sucted from a hood on a 2 or 3 mt suction arm. Alternatives available: flexible pipes and special hoods.


  • Quick: fumes suction straight from the source thanks to high flow rate.
  • Mobile and compact: it can be employed in every workshop or studio.
  • Smokes filtration with absolute filter H13 ≥99.95% and odours filtration with active carbons.
  • 1500W single-phase power, suitable for Shuko outlet.
How the mobile purifier works

MFU16 aspires pollutants from a flexible pipe or a suction arm. Then, pollutants are filtered at 99,95% of efficiency while crossing the purifier towards the bottom. Finally, odours are absorbed by active carbons.
Once air is clean, it is returned back into the environment via grids located on both sides of the machine.

Environment safety

Level of clogging is constantly monitored by a system with led signal, which advise when it is necessary to clean or substitute filters.

depuratore aria industriale mobile per fumi e polveri efficienza H14

Technical data

Rated capacity        1.500 mc/h
Engine power          1,5kW 220/1/50
Total weight            110 kg ca
Stage 1 – sparkproof metallic filter G3
Stage 2 – acrylic filter G4 (following EN 779:2012)
Stage 3 – absolute filter H13  ≥99.95% (@ MPPS following EN 1822:2009)
Stage 4 – active carbons filter for odours


  • Supporting structure of strong galvanised or powder-coated iron, with practical handles and 4 pivoting wheels with brake.
  • Electrical panel in accordance with CE norms, with on/off switch for ventilation and warning led for filter clogging.
  • Centrifugal fan with simple inlet, directly paired to asynchronous single-phase engine.


sectors of application

Machinery and production lines

Associate systems

Clean rooms

These environments works on the principle of forced recycle of super-filtered air in sealed room.

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