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Design, installation and maintenance of extraction and air purification systems at MEDIUM or HIGH pressure and in ATEX classified areas for single or centralised workstations with inverter regulation.

Each extraction system is designed by our technical staff on the basis of the customer’s specific requirements that can be summarised in these parameters:

  • type of operation/processing that requires extraction/filtration;
  • type of pollutant that develops during the operation/processing (smoke, dust, oil mist, solvent, etc.);
  • initial technical data: extraction points, necessary flow rate, fluid temperature, the concentration of the contaminant, the size of the pollutant;
  • location data of the system: length of pipes, diversions, curves, installation height, the height of the chimney expulsion
  • ventilation and filtration unit location (external and internal to the work environment)
  • existence of any internal constraints (bridge cranes, etc.)
  • existence of any external constraints or other conditions
  • any ATEX classification of the work area
  • results to be guaranteed to the customer


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