Cartridge filter collector for fumes and dust on trolley

Thecartridge filter collector on trolley MFC11 is designed to filter pollutants deriving from dust cleaning, grinding, sanding and processing.

Main features of this collector are: high filtering capacity, maximum efficiency, ease of use, small space requirement considering its filtering surface, self-cleaning system, electric panel, cable and plug, ready to be used.


MFC11 collector consists in self-supporting panels of sturdy galvanized steel, processed by numerically controlled punching machine and pressformed by 6-axis bender. All panels are trimmed with silicone sealant and bolted together with high-strength bolts.
The central body contains the real filtering heart of the machine: cartridged and tank.
On the aspiration side, it is possible to make opens (upon request) to connect flexible pipes or a self-supported arm.

Filtering cartridges are made of polyester fabric (antistatic upon request), produced using a spunbonded procedure which ensures no variation on air permeability and allows greater filtering efficiency and high stability. Electrical conductivity on the fabric surface is obtained thanks to aluminium powder application, which mantains the fabric porous.
This kind of process is suitable to remove electric charges given by powders to be filtered, and by them transmitted to the filter media.
Cartridges’ self-cleaning system consists in compressed air backwash. It is a totally automized system, equipped with storage tank.

Valves are of anodized cast aluminum and are suit of bulkhead fitting totally in stainless steel. The membrane is instead of special rubberized canvas marked by very high mechanical resistance. Tank is equipped with threaded connection fittings for power supply, lower connectors with condensate drain pipe.
Cartridge access door on the top of the collector eases cleaning and maintenances. The door is a press-formed panel closing with sealing gasket.

The integrated electric aspirator is specifically designed and it is made up of directly coupled engine and impeller. In its upper part, there is the air exhaust open with rectangular outlet suitable to connect a pipe (available on request). Powders are extracted through a hopper and collected in the drawer, or in a plastic bag, located in the lower part container (optional).

Cartridge filter collector MFC11 on trolley is delivered equipped with automatic circuit breaker to control aspiration and wheels.



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