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portable welding fumes purifier filter on trolley

The portable MFU16 welding fumes purifier has been designed by Gamma plants for the extraction and filtration of the fumes and micro-powders generated during the metal welding processes.
Thanks to its compact size, the wheels and the handles can be easily moved close to the machining to be carried out and then extract the fumes by using the different available accessories.

Rapid fumes extraction close to the source thanks to the high capacity;
mobile: it allows reaching many welding points;
filtration with absolute filter eff. H13 ≥99.95%;
1500W single phase power, it can be connected anywhere with a simple shuko plug.


How does it work

The filter for welding fumes extracts from the hole at the top the pollutants that cross the system towards the bottom and are purified to 99.5% of efficiency with 3 different filtration stages.

At this point the clean air is fed back into the room through grilles positioned at the bottom on the sides of the machine.

Environmental security
The level of filter clogging is monitored by a control that alerts with a light signal when it becomes necessary to clean or replace the filters in order to avoid continuing the work without air filtration.

Extraction Accessories
– 3 m. long WH extraction arm version with hood, handle and rigid aluminium piping;

– 3 m. long WF SUPERFLEX extraction arm version with hood, handle and black hose;

– 160 mm. diam., single attachment piping;

– 125 mm. diam., double attachment piping.

depuratore aria industriale mobile per fumi e polveri efficienza H14

Technical data
Rated capacity            1,500 m³/h
Engine power              1.5kW 220/1/50
Residual pressure      500 Pa
Filtration        stage 1: anti-spark metal filter, eff. G3
stage 2: acrylic filter, eff. G4 according to Standard EN 779: 2012
stage 3: absolute filter, eff. H13 ≥99.95% @ MPPS according to Standard   EN 1822: 2009
stage 4: activated carbon filter for smells
Total weight                about 110 kg


– Supporting structure made of sturdy galvanized steel or painted depending on the applications, equipped with handy handles for handling and 4 swivel wheels with brakes;
– electrical panel board according to EC Standards with on/off ventilation control and safety warning light for filter clogging;
simple extraction centrifugal fan in the version directly coupled to single phase asynchronous engine.


filtro depuratore aspiratore fumi di saldatura




aspirazione rapida fumo saldatura

MFU16 in azione

montaggio filtri nuovi

cambio filtri intasati

accensione spia di sicurezza filtri intasati

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