Flocking powder extraction system

Customer request

The customer needs an industrial extraction plant to:

  • extract powders released by flocking operations on plastic objects and collect those powders in containers according to colours, so to cleanse the working environment and protect operators.
  • condition air in the workshop with a temperature and humidity control system capable to keep those two elements constantly stable across the entire year, so to optimize his productive cycle.
Kinds of powder to be extracted and recovered

Flock is the main product needed to make surfaces velvety.
Flocking operation consists in applying flock powders on the surface, previously coated with adhesive substances, to make it softer and suede.

impianti aspirazione polvere floccatura

Extraction system design

A customized design of a centralized extraction system with pinpoint uptake involves an analysis of plant’s productive needs and layout. Afterwards, our Technical Department develops the project:

  • Technical evaluation of the machine, so to customize extraction hoods. Those need to be capable to aspire flock powders and steams during the entire flocking operation.
  • Air flow speed measurement, both during extraction and pipe-crossing, with consequent sizing of total load losses according to the filters’ path of pipes.
  • Selection of the right filter, highly customized according on products employed and manufacturings.
  • Selection of the centrifugal fan with simple inlet, taking into account the system overall capacity and load losses of all other systems connected to it.

Flock suction system: our technical solution

After the analysis step, Gamma impianti designed the extraction system as follow:

  • cartridge filter MFC11 installation to aspire and filter fine powders with 99.5% efficiecy. The filter has been specifically modified for flock powder and equipped with a bag container to collect it. It is a purifier with high performances and compact sizes.
  • a new air-blade hood connected to the cartridge filter via fexible pipe to extract the remaining airborne dust.
  • suction line of clear antistatic PVC pipes to connect filter to suction points (flocking cabin and air blade).
  • precision air conditioning cabinet to keep stable temperature and humidity: Range humidity 60% + – 5%; Range temperature 20°C + – 10%; Max external temperature 35°C.
Cabinet features:

  • Structure in powder-painted galvanized panels. Panels are coated internally with sound-absorbing material to keep noise low.
  • Inverter ventilating group electronically commutated.
  • Dustproof filtering section G2/G4 standard (F5-F8 optional) with average degree of separation 90.1% ASHRAE.
  • Microprocessor control for compressor operating times, controlling cooling power.
  • Control panel with semi-graphic display 132 x 64 pixel, settable software, 200 warnings historicization, general warning, automatic reset from black-out, LAN system, time management and rotation, management serious alarms, simultaneous operations, clock works.
controllo temperatura polveri flock

n.1 intake manifolds with rectangural section to avoid condensation and heat loss.

n.4 salvages with double set of adjustable opposite winglets to direct flow and shutter for calibrating system.



Floking – Wikipedia

sectors of application

Machinery and production lines

Associate systems

Clean rooms

These environments works on the principle of forced recycle of super-filtered air in sealed room.

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