Toner powder and printers maintenance: risks

First steps of printers fixing and maintance consist in operations of cleaning and blowing, which produce toner powder harmful for operators.
In this case, the operator stands in front of the printer (or machine) to clean up and blows a jet of compressed air on the mechanical parts, releasing a cloud of toner powder in the workplace. Without an adequate ventilation, the risk is the stagnation of this cloud.


Toner powder can be very harmful if inhaled, hence law lays down to put in safety areas where printers maintenance is operated. As a fact, toner is a very fine powder made of coal dust, once in the environment its particles are 1 to 1/10 µm big.


Gamma impianti Technical Department developed varied solutions for toner powder suction and filtration, which are usually dispersed in working environments where a dedicated area for blowing toner is not available.
Our best answer consists in realizing a well-defined cleaning area, equipped with a system for containment, suction and filtration to prevent toner powder from being breathed in by operators.


n.1 SUCTION WALL (1200mm large, 1600mm high)

  • Frontal openings through which powder is aspired in the direction opposite to the operator.
  • Side bulkheads prevent horizontal air-flows from disperse powder in the environment.
  • Frontal door in the lower part to check and clean periodically the wall.
  • Powder is directed, via a side inlet, to a flexible pipe diam. 200mm ending in a purifier (max lenght=10mt).




Purifier is equipped with absolute filter HEPA 99.95% and reintegration of filtered air in environment.

Rated capacity: 1200 mc/h
Power:                1,5 kW 220/1/50

In compliance with regulations: electrical panel with ventilation led, hourcounter for maintenance records, filters cloggin led indicating when to replace them.

Cleaning and blowing dedicated areas can be:

  • custom sized according to the working area;
  • provided dissembled, to be sent conveniently and installed on spot.

Contact our technical department for a quote.

sectors of application

Graphical and printing industry

Associate systems

Clean rooms

These environments works on the principle of forced recycle of super-filtered air in sealed room.

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