Plastic moulding fumes extraction system


After injection moulding of plastic components, machines opening and components cleaning create microdust and fumes that need to be aspired before they flow in the environment and breathed in by operators.


Fumes extraction system customized on productive plant layout, consisting in:

  • Circular pipes network of strong galvanized sheet iron produced in compliance with UNI EN 10346, designed with variable sections so to maintain constant speed within the circuit. The main collector connects 10 aspiration points through vertical slopes.
  • Each aspiration point of the system is equipped with a diam. 160mm suction arm with mt. 3 range of work. Suction arms are ideal for this kind of application, since they rotate on swivel bases in order to let the operator arrange always correctly the arm in correspondence of the polluting source. Aspiration is grant by the tiny truncated-conical hood with rectangular base made of plastic. The display marks the suction area, increasing the machine efficiency.
  • Arms are sustained by welded and painted steel uprights 3mt. high, located near printing spots along the extraction system.
  • Centrifugal fan with simple inlet is built for round-the-clock duty: shovel impeller running coupled with electrical engine, to grant the capacity needed by the system.
  • Electrical panel with inverter for automized fan-speed management according to how much aspiration is needed.
  • Emission smokestacks built in compliace with regulations, made of galvanized sheet metal with circular section, to exhaust air over the the covering (as requested by law) equipped with smoke detention inlet and rain-proof panel instead of glass.

sectors of application

Machinery and production lines

Associate systems

Clean rooms

These environments works on the principle of forced recycle of super-filtered air in sealed room.

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