Aspiration benches are the ideal solution for work environments where a wide aspiration of fumes and dusts is needed on the work plan, as during metalworking, woodworking and composite material processing.

Our aspiration bench is designed on 3D models and manufactured by Gamma impianti in different sizes, according to the lenght of pieces to be welded, sanded or grinded on the bench.

It consists in a working bench with suction front and plan. According to needs, it can be completed with suction side bulkheads and/or an articulated arm for an additional pinpoint aspiration in a specific area of the bench.

Contact us to choose the most suitable model for you with one of our specialists.

banco aspirante

Discover our entire line of aspiration benches.

banco apirante con filtrazione a cartucce autopulentiBanco aspirante per fumi e polveri molatura con ventilatore e filtri integratiBanco aspirante per fumi di saldatura e polveri molatura con ventilatore e filtri integratiBanco aspirante fumi di saldatura e polveri di sbavatura, levigatura o molatura di metalli


  • Working plan makes easy any operation
  • Suction with no intervention from the operator
  • Dust is collected in drawers easy to empty
  • Easy to move on wheels or forklift


  • Structure consisting in modular panels of strong press-bent galvanized sheet bolted together. Support and work plan is made of re-inforced structures and columns to unload weight on the floor.
  • Frontal wall of top-quality galvanized steel sheet and debouncing wire mesh frontal to dampen any chips.
  • Some models are equipped with two-stages filtration: a series of sparkproof flat filters and a second series of rigid pocket filters for microparticles.
  • When indepent from the centralized extraction system, the aspiration bench can be equipped with internal centrifugal fan.
  • Collect drawer of press-bent galvanized sheet to collect major drosses and accidentally fallen objects.
  • Automatic circuit on/off breaker to control ventilation.

Models on-demand

  • With no side/frontal bulkheads or with special size bulkheads.
  • External varnished metal sheet, colour of your choice.
  • With ATEX fan and engine.

Available models

GBA – aspiration bench with collect drawer but without filters, to be connected to a centralized extraction system.

GBF – aspiration bench with collect drawer and pocket filters, to be connected to an extraction system with fan.

GBV – aspiration bench with collect drawer, cartridge filters, fan and compressed air self-cleaning, to be connected to an extraction system or provided with short silencer to return back filtered air into the environment.

Contact us to choose the best suitable model for your needs with one of our specialists

Regulatory reference

The use of aspiration bench improves working conditions by reducing chemical risks for operators. According to art. 224 D.Lgs 81/2008:

  • Projecting and planning of processing systems in working environment;
  • Procurement of tools for specific works and connected maintentance procedures;
  • Minimization of potentially exposed workers;
  • Minimization of exposure lenght and strenght;
  • Appropriate sanitation.

On-line reference
INAIL – fumi e polveri

Associate systems

Clean rooms

These environments works on the principle of forced recycle of super-filtered air in sealed room.

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